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World War II Order Of Battle


9 мая



December events :

- Newly started TIMELINE currently showing events up to september 15, 1942, will ultimately give an overview of all Stalingrad Battle events

November events :

Today November 19th, Operation Uranus is 69 years !

- New domain name for STALDATA site Russian version : www.сталинград.net

- New domain name for WW2OO site Russian version : www.война.net

October events :

- Corps-level completed for Axis Order of battle

- Contextual background pictures for 'Unit Detail' and 'Commander Detail' pages (80% complete)

- Modified frontpage for WW2OO.NET

- Actual number of registered users just reached 20

September events :

- Army-level completed for Axis Order of battle;

- Font typography modified for all pages on StalData, for Unit Detail and Commander Detail on WW2OO;

August events :

- Soviet Order of battle for November 1, 1942 now 100% complete !

- Added Statistics to global OOB tree (at the bottom of the page)

- Corrected a Firefox issue that prevented units from showing on Map page. The Interactive Map is now running well under all navigators.

July events :

- From now on, the Newsletter will also give account of events for the Master Site : ww2oo.net

- Soviet Order of battle for November 1, 1942 now 2/3 complete

- Commanders in database now reaching 816 (Soviet : 505, Axis : 311)

- Site activity now close to 3000 visits per month (anonymous or registered)

June events :

No Newsletter in June, as I was in Brest, Belarus, for the 70th commemoration of June 22, 1941

May events :

### Special event ###

Victory Day opening : new site !


Based on StalData model, the site is no longer Operation-oriented. Its objective is to give, on a single page, a global view of the entire order of battle (Soviet & German), with a chronological perspective (one page per month of the war).

At this moment, it contains all units used for StalData, and it will soon show a complete OOB for November 1942 (eastern front).

All users contributions welcome !

April events :

- Commanders in database now reaching 767 (Soviet : 452, Axis : 315), whole list on 'Add Commander' page

- Registered Users List now available, along with User Profile Update module

- Action Menu updated with new entries

- Contextual background pictures for 'Unit Detail' pages (60% complete)

- Site activity now close to 2000 visits per month (anonymous or registered)

March events :

- Full translation of User Guide and overall site accuracy review, thanks to Alex 'AMVAS' - RKKA in WWII Forum Master

- Interactive Map : positioning completed for all units

- Improved navigation system in Edtion (Test) mode, supression of whole hierarchical branches now possible

- Contextual background pictures for 'Unit Detail' pages (50% complete)

February events :

- Build your own Order of Battle ! BackOffice ready for creating completely new OOB trees : you can start building structure for any Eastern Front battle, test it, publish it, and let the world see it

- Forum opened ! All users are invited to express themselves on Stalingrad-related matters

January events :

- Resolution of navigator display issues: Firefox version now similar to IE version

- BackOffice Edition Menu operational for New Unit Attachment and New Commander Adding

- Reviewed system for Commanders Ranks / Commanders Titles (Rank is used for Commander Career, Title is used when linking Commander to Unit and thus refers to Commander's function reguarding this Unit)

- Highlighting of Unit on 'Map' page when clicking on its symbol icon from 'Unit Detail' page

- Unit dispatch on 'Map' page now 80% complete (the only units left are those of the Don Front, which are still in non-adjusted rows, as can easily be seen on the page)

- The 'Book sources' page is now fully dynamic (entries in database), and allows you to sort the list by using any of the header fields, Russian traduction still ongoing

- Contextual background pictures for 'Unit Detail' pages (40% complete)


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